International ASI Visitors Program


Therapists from countries where "original" ASI therapy is not practiced usually find it hard to learn from models of exellence. And not everyone can travel to California and stay for a couple weeks to learn from Dr Ayres' successors directly.

That's why we have thought of an offer for  European therapists who completed their ASI training either with CLASI, SI-SeminarInstitut, or another course provider abiding to the international standards of ICE-ASI.


A group of first-hand trained occupational therapists in Vienna who are associated with GSIÖ,  started a cooperation to welcome international ASI trained therapists at their practices in Vienna for shadowing therapy sessions and exchange about ASI practice.


If you are interested in participating in this highly individualized 2 day program in Vienna, please register at our cooperation partner's website, SI-SeminarInstitut! We will contact you shortly after!