Registration for Calibration - International Participants


After you have completed

  • all courses of GSIÖ's certification program ASI®TherapyORIGINAL and plus the additional requirements
  • Hospitation
  • ASI Case Supervision incl. case presentation

you are ready for the last step on your way to your ASI®Practitioner Certificate!


Steps to submit your video for calibration:

  1. Prepare the video: 10 minutes from the middle part of an ASI therapy session; no more than 2 cuts
  2. Register here, submit the background information using this link, and pay the fee
  3. Submit the video to eso@seminarinstitut
  4. Be patient! We will identify an ASIFM rater who will rate your video. Sometimes this is not easy and takes a while. If you haven't heard back from us after 4 weeks, please contact us.


Calibration for ASI®Practitioner Certificate

Once you have completed all the courses and required services, you can undergo calibration. The calibration process is intended to ensure that your clinical reasoning and treatment are true to the principles of Ayres' SI, i.e. that you are working with fidelity to the method.


Candidates submit a 10-minute video clip plus background information to GSIÖ e.V. for calibration. You are free to choose the segment. Of course, it should be from a session in which you were using Ayres' SI principles. Ideally, the clip should be from the middle of a therapy session. While you can cut out periods of transition or inactivity, the video should not have more than 2 cuts.


On the submission form, you must provide information about your eligibility and relevant background information about the child (age, medical or psychological diagnoses if applicable, participation problems in daily life, approximate number of previous therapy sessions, therapy goals). You can also provide a reflection on the segment (Why did I use certain therapeutic measures? What was successful? What was not successful? Possible reasons). 


The texts must be written in English.


GSIÖ will forward your submission to an independent ASIFM rater who will rate the sessions fidelity to the ASI method, using the ASI®Fidelity Measure. They will also take into account your reflection if provided.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing!


If your treatment is rated as "Consistent with Ayres' SI principles" you will receive GSIÖ's final certificate "ASI®Practitioner/OT" (or PT)".


This registration is only valid together with

  1. Payment of the calibration fee
  2. Completed calibration submission form
  3. Submission of the video clip to

120,00 €

Renewal of Certificate After 5 Year Period - International Participants

Renewal of ASI®Practitioner Certificate

Your ASI®Practitioner certificate is valid for 5 years from the month it was issued.


To avoid a gap in validity, register for the renewal about one month before your certificate expires. At the same time, send an email to the GSIÖ office ( with the scanned confirmations of participation (pdfs, no photos!) for a minimum of 24 hours of SI specific courses. These courses can be webinars, workshops, or conferences rom any provider that you have attended during the 5-year period.


The registration is only valid with the payment and the submission of the certificates of attendance.

85,00 €